Enjoy your natural-looking smile and comfort.



The best clinical solution to bring back your healthy and beautiful smile.

Should You be missing a single tooth or more, the best clinical solution to acquire your healthy and beautiful smile is to perform implantation. Thanks to this, patients can enjoy a healthy-looking smile and comfort while eating, a feat that no other method allows.

A tooth implant replaces the tooth root, and looks like a small screw. Titanium, of which the product is made of, is biocompatible with the human body, meaning, it has the ability to fuse with healthy bone, a process called ostheointegration. The implant forms the foundation, upon which the prosthetic crown – the false tooth – is placed by way of a connector.

Implants transfer the biting and chewing forces on to the bone in a natural manner, preventing its gradual decline. Other solutions (e. g. bridges or prostheses) do not allow this, possibly leading to a disadvantageous change of the profile of the face over time.

The usage of implants does not require neighbouring teeth to be ground, as is the case with reconstructions of missing teeth with the use of a prosthetic bridge.