Take care for the stunning whiteness
of your teeth and healthy gums.

Preventive treatment

Effective cleaning of teeth is a condition of the success of your undertaken dental treatment.

Correct oral hygiene is a fundamental notion in the prevention of caries, inflammations of the gums and a foul breath.

What is plaque?

Plaque is a sticky, yellowish deposit that forms on the surfaces of teeth, which is composed of millions of bacteria. It contains acids and toxins that are a grave hazard to teeth and gums.

How does tartar form?

Tartar forms when plaque is not correctly removed from teeth and the spaces between them. The initially soft plaque hardens after ca. 48 hours – hard deposits form that are practically not removable by brushing.

How is tartar removed?

One of the methods of removal of tartar is scaling. This procedure entails the breaking up of tartar by ultrasounds. A hygienic nurse attaches a special device to the surface of the teeth, which removes the tartar and then flushes it away. After scaling, tooth sanding may also be used, removing other deposits from the teeth and recovering their beautiful colour