Price List

dental examination 100 PLN
composite filling 200-300 PLN
composite veneer od 400 PLN
Soan computer anaesthesia 30 PLN
ultrasound scaling 200 PLN
Crystal lamp tooth whitening 800 PLN

Sedation by nitrous oxide

N2O sedation (30 minutes) 150 PLN
E max full ceramic crown 2000 PLN
Zircon crown 1800 PLN
full ceramic inlay/onlay 1000 PLN
porcelain veneer 2000 PLN
temporary crown 120 PLN
frame prosthesis 3000 PLN
crown and root inlay 600 PLN
tooth extraction 200 PLN
surgical stitching 50 PLN

Radiological diagnosis

Facial skull image 85 PLN
Point image 50 PLN
Tooth CT 170 PLN
implantation 2500 PLN
prosthetic reconstruction on implant od 2500 PLN
bone augmentation od 1000 PLN
sinus lift od 2000 PLN
orthodontic consultation 150 PLN
American Orthodontics permanent braces 2800 PLN
control appointment 150 PLN
adaptation visit 120 PLN
filling in milk tooth 150-200 PLN
root canal procedure of milk tooth 180-230 PLN
root canal treatment of incisors/ canines 550 PLN
root canal treatment of premolars 720 PLN
root canal treatment of molars 950 PLN
removal of broken tool from canal 400-5000 PLN

Aesthetic Medicine price list

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of the Polish Civil Code.